My point of view

I've been doing this for 25 years, and have advised, consulted to or been an employee of 23 startups, and I've learned some things




Brute Force Never Works for Long

Strategy is Everything

Messaging Expresses Strategy

Integrated Digital Sales & Marketing is the Next Frontier

Being Provocative Is Necessary to Challenge the Status Quo

Being experimental with products and sales/marketing is the way to progress

Customer Experience is More Crucial to Success Than Ever

  • Experience

    23 Startups as Employee, Consultant or Advisor

  • Accomplishments

    Personally Penetrated Many Global 2000 Organizations with New Enterprise Tech

  • Skills

    Demand Gen, Messaging Design, Early Client Acquisition, Digital Content Creation. Social Media Exploitation, Negotiations

  • Influences

    The Complex Sale, Challenger Selling, Social Selling, Power Positioning, LEAN

90 Day Go-to-Market Transformation

Go from Confusion to Clarity
Strategy Review & Refinement

3 2-hour sessions in which we review your competitive positioning, market hypothesis, product and messaging Objective: Validate or revise strategy Outcome: Power Positioned Messaging and Strategy

Sales Sequence Development

Create all the artifacts required to support a sales campaign. Including first meeting deck, demonstration(s) script, discovery tools, proposals, exec briefing content etc.

Hypothesis Testing and Evolution

Develop market segment and outbound leadgen campaigns to confirm market/product hypothesis. See this as creating a “heat map” of your market and where your opportunity lies.

Pipeline Review & Development

Ongoing coaching on deals and opportunities, supporting you from prospecting to close.

Sale 101 for Enterprise Tech Entrepreneurs

3 2 hr 1-one-1 briefings on enterprise sales. Delivered Online
Skills: Be able to work your way through a sale from start to end.
Understand: How organizations and individuals buy in enterprise B2B
Outputs: Sales Process Design for Your Business

The Terrain In Which We Find Ourselves

Digital B2B Sales & Marketing for Today's Enterprise Technology Sales


I'm Available As Needed or for Project Work

90 Day Go-To-Market Transformation

Total Program to Get You Selling and Winning


  • Strategy
  • Sales Activity Deign
  • Market Hypothesis Validation
  • Pipeline Development & Review
  • Private Online Course - Sales 101 for Entrepreneurs
  • "On the Field" Participation in Client Meetings

Sales Coaching

Ad Hoc Advice and Input on Sales & Marketing


  • Use Me As Needed To Help Move Your Business Forward
  • Deal Strategy
  • Selling Advice
  • Negotiating Advice
  • Forecast Review
  • Pipeline Development

Project Work

Strategic or Operational

Project Based SOW

  • Develop Power Positioning/Messaging
  • Strategy Development
  • Early Client Acquisition
  • B2B Digital Sales & Marketing

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